Suzuki Grand Vitara Corrected Spring Seats


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These rubber spring seats sit in the wishbone and help to straighten out lift springs that bow due to the wishbone working at new angles after a lift.


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excellent product - works wellReview by gordp
My 2002 Grand Vitara has a 2-inch lift, which results in the front lower-control-arms sloping down. The original Suzuki design starts the coil-spring on the high-side of this slope, and 1/2-turn later the spring is poorly supported on the low-side. This can cause spring-bowing, but in my case I also had spring-groan and creaking when the suspension moved.

These corrected seats do several important things:

1) they quietened my spring-groan and creaking! No more metal-pivoting-on-metal during articulation

2) they re-position the starting-point of the spring so the first lower coil is on the lower-side of the sloping control-arm. This provides much-better support for the first turn of the coil-spring, and helps the spring remain straight

3) they add 3/4" extra height to your vehicle, serving as additional lift. (Posted on 29/09/2018)

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Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $41.12 Incl. Tax: $41.12

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