Suzuki Vitara 3" / 75mm Lift Kit with Procomp Rear Shocks

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This Kit will lift your Vitara / X90 by 3” or 75mm, a truly cost effective lift kit.

The kit consists of 4x 3” springs, made here in the UK exclusively to us to our own design and have different spring combinations for all vitara models from 1.6 SWB petrol to 2.0TD LWB Diesels. All springs have the full treatment of hardening, quenching and tempering, are all digitally controlled to ensure the correct hardness is achieved, then shot peening, pre-setting and load testing ensure a long and fatigue free life, followed by automotive specific in house powdercoating to ensure a hard and durable powdercoat finish.

The front end is sorted by firstly extending the front shocks allowing them to drop further, maintaining traction on those off-road trails. There are 2 methods of extending the front shocks, the cage style spacer and the CNC machined screw on type spacer, both do the same job. The cage style drops the rubber strut mount down allowing extra travel and you use the new bolts in the kit to bolt the top of the cage to where the rubber mount used to sit. With the screw on type, the rubber mount stays where it is and you undo the shock from the rubber mount, add some thread locker and screw on the CNC screw adapter, then threadlock the locking screw, tighten up and refit in the rubber mount.

The CV joints will then be at a much sharper angle due to the suspension lift, so a set of front differential drop brackets and included to lower the front diff down to take away the strain from the front CV’s

To finish of the front end some camber bolts are included, after lifting you will find the camber will be out on the front, so we include some camber bolts to suit. Traditionally most kits only come with 2 bolts 1 for each side but we include a full set of 4 to ensure you get the camber 100% correct after the lift.

The rear end is sorted by some procomp extended shocks available in either ES3000 or ES9000. The ES3000 are an oil filled shock and the ES9000 are a gas filled shock. The ES3000 is more suited to the Vitara, as the ES9000 can be a much stiffer ride than the ES3000. The ES9000 are more suited if you do lots of towing or carry a lot of weight in the car. 80% of people choose ES3000.

Here are the specs of both shock from procomp

The twin tube cellular gas design of the ES3000 is engineered to substantially improve driving comfort and performance both on and off the road. With its 10 stage velocity sensitive valving, the ES3000 self adjusts to various road conditions while improving your vehicle’s handling characteristics. The large 5/8” chrome hardened piston rod and unique Teflon rebound stop delivers a comfortable highway ride and the ability to handle the most demanding driving conditions. With double welded shock mounts for maximum strength and the exclusive Pro Comp Suspension limited lifetime warranty, the ES3000 will ensure ultimate performance for as long as you own your vehicle.

The Pro Comp ES9000 is the ultimate nitrogen gas charged shock absorber. With its twin tube design and 10 stage velocity sensitive valving, the ES9000 delivers not only a smooth, comfortable highway ride, but it also enhances off road handling and performance. Engineered for those driving enthusiasts demanding optimum capacity for heavy loads as well as the most demanding driving conditions. It’s a 1 3/8” nylon banded full displacement piston head and double welded shock mounts ensure maximum strength and the exclusive Pro Comp Suspension limited lifetime warranty, the ES9000 will ensure ultimate performance for as long as you own your vehicle.

As the procomp shocks are performance fat bodied, with their larger size, this can cause problems with rubbing on the rear springs, so we include a set of shock relocator brackets allowing trouble free fitment.

And finally to finish the rear end, a rear axle ball joint spacer or “heim” spacer and rear propshaft spacer with all bolts are included. As due to the 3” lift the ball joint will be outside its working tolerance when taken off-road, so the spacer will bring it back to the correct position. The prop spacer is needed to take up the gap made on the prop spline due to the extra lift and more travel the rear shocks offer.  Please note this is the solid block CNC machined ball joint spacer, that can never fail, as buyer beware there are some poor quality welded steel spacers on the market that fail randomly causing the axle to twist and become dangerously unstable.



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