Jimny 4" / 100mm Pro Comp Suspension Lift Kit

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This kit allows you to lift your Jimny up 4" giving it a better stance and better "off road" ability with longer shocks for extra articulation, this kit does lift your jimny 4" and you can still drive it, but its a part kit and more parts are needed to do the lift fully. This kit is ideal for people who want to do there lift in stages or have sourced other parts needed for the lift already

The springs have the complete range of heat treatment processes, hardening, quenching and tempering, are all digitally controlled to ensure the correct hardness is achieved. Full shot peening, pre-setting and load testing ensure a long and fatigue free life.

The springs are nice and flexy and not stiff, and are slightly uprated to cope with the extra height and extra weight drivers can carry on offroading trips

The kits come with specific  LHD and RHD springs and also LHD Diesel springs

The kit comes with Pro Comps excellent ES3000’s or ES9000’s.

Frequently asked questions


1.Do i need to fit extended brake hoses?

Yes you would need to fit extended hoses


2.Can i fit castor correction bushes instead of corrected radius arms?

Yes you can BUT, it does not solve the problem of vague steering and the bushes can't correct the angle fully, so you would still have some castor issues but some people do accept this


3.Do i need the rear shock relocators?

No you don’t need them but they bring the added benefits of removing extra strain from the lower bushes and also give a little more rear travel


4.Which Shocks do i choose?

ES3000’s are best for jimnys with a little extra weight like winch bumpers and extra tools in the rear, 15% of people choose this shock. Note: the ES3000 are FAT body shocks so modification would be needed to make them fit correctly

ES9000’s are best for jimnys that spend most of the time offroad with winches, steel bumpers, roll cages, bodylifts and extra tools, etc 5% of people choose this shock. Note the ES9000 are FAT body shocks so modification would be needed to make them fit correctly


5.Do i need adjustable panhard rods?

Yes you do in an ideal world, as you find the axles move to one side



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NICE 4" LIFTReview by Joshua
"Rus delivered this set quickly. Suspension articulation nicely on rocky side and also on highway, comfortably travel at 90kph. " (Posted on 05/11/2019)

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Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $376.19 Incl. Tax: $376.19

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