Suzuki Jimny 3" / 75mm AVO Fully Adjustable Suspension Lift Kit

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This kit allows you to lift your Jimny up 3" giving it a better stance, and better "off road" ability with longer shocks for extra articulation, and contains all the parts needed to give a full 3" lift with no extra parts needed.
The springs have the complete range of heat treatment processes, hardening, quenching and tempering, are all digitally controlled to ensure the correct hardness is achieved. Full shot peening, pre-setting and load testing ensure a long and fatigue free life.
The springs are nice and flexi and not stiff, and RHD drive models have the longer spring to compensate for the "jimny lean", and are slightly uprated to cope with the extra height and extra weight drivers can carry on offroading trips
The kits come with specific  LHD and RHD springs and also LHD Diesel springs
The kit comes with AVO Fully adjustable shock absorbers, these are the best you can buy shock wise, made here in the UK and serviceable and rebuildable
They come with easy adjustment of damping rates by just turning the knob on the shock to get 16 stages of shock adjustment, from soft for gentle road use, to stiff for carrying heavy loads thought the outback, they can be adjusted to suit any terrain
The kit comes with the following components
4x +3" Coil springs in either LHDRHD or LHD Diesel
4x +3" AVO shock absorbers
4x HD CDS tubed +3" castor corrected radius arms
2x HD CDS tubed adjustable panhard rods, with superpro polybushes
1x extended braided brake hose set in a choice of 4 colours
1x 25mm front prop spacer
1x Rear brake balance correcting bracket (Non ABS models only)
Optional extras are
Radius arm bushes fitted with either, OE spec rubber bushes, Genuine Suzuki bushes, and SuperPro polybushes
“Frequently asked questions” 

 1.Do i need the rear shock relocators?

No you don’t need them as the rear arms are camber corrected for the 3" lift


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ABS Fitted

Brake Hose Colour - 3 Line Kit (Years 98-14), 4 Line Kit (Years 14 - on)

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Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $1,446.44 Incl. Tax: $1,446.44

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