SJ / Samurai Rear Diff Locker by Kaiser


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This Kaiser locker is designed to be a fit and forgot rear axle locker.

This is probably one of the best axle diff locking systems you can get, as unlike a lockright diff locker this Kaiser locker will operate as a normal open diff during normal driving and the moment traction is lost to one wheel the axle will lock up, in a silent and smooth operation that most drivers will never even know it’s happening.

The added benefit compared to an ARB diff locker is that no extra compressor or special parts are needed, you just fit your ring gear, and bolt back in the axle casing.

The Kaiser lockers works by not allowing any one wheel to spin faster than the differential ring gear, so if one wheel looses traction, this wheel will never go faster than the ring gear, hence the power will be transferred to the other wheel. All this is done in a silent and smooth operation.

In normal driving when both wheels have traction, when turning, one wheel will always be going slower than the ring gear so in this situation the wheel is allowed to go slower so the locker acts as a normal open differential.


- 100% traction in both wheels
- Exclusive compensation system on curves
- Fully automatic - no surprises
- Gearless - smoothest operation in the market
- Safer for driver – no need to switch on / off
- Does not depend of auxiliary accessories
- High performance and durability
- Reduce vehicle wear
- Easy installation
- Does not change vehicle´s originality
- Free of periodic maintenance
- One year warranty regardless of mileage or vehicle preparation

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