Jimny 2" / 50mm Black Raptor Premium Suspension Lift Kit - 2019 On

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This kit allows you to lift your Jimny 2" giving it a better stance and better "off road" ability with longer shocks for extra articulation, while keeping costs down as lifts of 3" and above generally require many more parts

The springs have the complete range of heat treatment processes, hardening, quenching and tempering, are all digitally controlled to ensure the correct hardness is achieved. Full shot peening, pre-setting and load testing ensure a long and fatigue free life.

The springs are nice and flexy and not stiff, and are slightly uprated to cope with the extra height and extra weight drivers can carry on offroading trips

The kits come with specific LHD and RHD springs

Comes with Black Raptor's excellent 16 stage fully adjustable shock absorbers
Full set of TUV / DOT approved brake hoses all round
New high clearance cross member bracket
Headlight Adjustment bracket (if needed)

The Black Raptor Adjustable Sport Dampers are designed as a vehicle specific performance replacement damper, with adjustable damping. They are adjustable (on-car) to suit individual driving styles and preferences. Ideal for use with any terrain and any vehicle weight as you can set the damping rates for your driving style and the local terrain

Fitting Black Raptor sport dampers will transform the handling of your Jimny and are the best shocks for a Jimny!

The kit above is the minimum you need to lift your jimny and drive away but here are some of the main

“Frequently asked questions”

1.Do i need to fit extended brake hoses?

Yes as all 2019 Jimnys have short hoses and 45mm is the max length on original hoses

2.Do i need to fit camber correction bushes?

No you don’t need to from a safety / inspection point of view but i always recommend them as they bring the front axle geometry back to factory settings (SuperPro are recommended due to the ease of fit and long life)

3.Do i need the rear shock relocators?

No you don’t need them but they bring the added benefits of removing extra strain from the lower bushes and also give a little more rear down travel

4.Some Jimny kits don't offer brake hoses?

With the current 2019 Jimny there is only 45mm of extra downwards travel before the hoses are not long enough and the propshaft hits the cross member during articulation, so to stop this many manufacturers only offer a 1" (25mm) longer front shock thus limiting travel, articulation and offroad ability! So this kit come with full 2" extended shocks for extra travel, extended hoses all round and new front cross member

5. Will the front propshaft hit the cross member?

Yes it will hit the standard factory fitted cross member, so this is why we offer a new cross member in this lift kit


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Price as configured: Excl. Tax: $668.37 Incl. Tax: $668.37

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