If you have any questions just drop us a Helpdesk Ticket by Clicking HERE, we will reply to most tickets on the same day (Monday to Friday) and sometimes on the weekends when i get a spare moment.

This is by far the best way of contacting me as the website will remember your email and when you create an account save all our messages and any attachements

Please Note - We only sell whats on this website and Don't break or strip Jimnys for secondhand parts 

Tel: 01782 461260 -   ( 9.30AM - 4.30PM ) Monday - Friday 

Please note no technical help on Wednesday's or Friday's sales only 

Its much easier for us if orders are placed over the website as we can process them immediately and pretty much the same day, Telephone orders take longer to log and process so are not always sent the same day

If you want to visit us please arrange an appointment as sometimes we may not have the stock onsite and also that we have staff available on the day with the appropriate knowledge

Postal Address

UNIT B1 City Park Trading Estate

Dewsbury Road


Stoke on Trent