Build Your Own Jimny Front Axle Repair Kit

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This build your own kit allows you to choose the parts you need to rebuild your front axle.

It lists the most common items and you can pick and choose what parts you need.

If other parts are needed just let us know and we can add it to a bundle

If you want both sides, pick all items you need then at the bottom of the page choose add to cart QTY 2x This will add 2x lots of your choice to the cart

Here is a guide of the parts and a description if you need to order them :-

  1. Kingpin bearings- these are one of the most common fail items on the jimny, these bearings allow the wheel to swivel left and right and the common symptoms when these bearings fail are oil leaking from the large swivel seal or “knuckle joint” and when you rock the wheel by hand you get movement in the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. These can also cause the jimny “death wobble” meaning the steering wheel can shake around 35 to 45 MPH. We have an economy bearing, Premium bearing and Genuine Suzuki.
  2. Halfshaft oil seal- the oil that would be leaking is passing via this seal and is swapped when changing the kingpin bearings, Premium Seal and Genuine Suzuki.
  3. Swivel Seal- This is the large seal that keeps out dust and dirt from the axle if your existing seal is in good condition you can re-use them but its not ideal as most fall apart when you strip the hub. We have a Premium  Seal, Genuine Suzuki and a Trail-gear HD poly seal kit
  4. Kingpins- these are what the bearings sit on, and around 50% of customers order these, you can reuse your old ones but some do get damaged during strip down, more so if the bearing has failed and been ran for long periods of time with a failed bearing. We have premium and Genuine Suzuki
  5. Kingpin Shims- these are not fitted from the factory, but are normally used when you have trouble with wheel wobble and you have tried everything else to stop the wobble, they add preload to the bearings and can stop this wobble, some customers order a set just incase due to the low cost
  6. Wheel bearing kit- some customers like to swap the wheel bearing at the same time as the kingpin bearings, when wheel bearings fail you can get a humming noise, death wobble and also when you shake the wheel you get movement all over and not just 12 and 6 o’clock like kingpin bearings, a KOYO bearing kit EXACTLY the same bearing as Suzuki will supply you, and we also offer the tool to remove the wheel bearing nut also
  7. Spindle oil seal- this is the seal often never included in any bearing kit, number 11 on the diagram and worth changing as your all stripped down and is easy to swap
  8. Brass spindle bush- this is what the CV joint passes though and can help keep the CV joint in the correct position 


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